This Again

My family and I left Ohio; Chicago bound, on Friday afternoon. I was to be admitted into Northwestern Hospital on Saturday afternoon and had a bladder reconstruction surgery scheduled for Monday morning. I have had a lot of work done on my bladder within the past year, but it all consisted of minor outpatient surgeries. Getting rocked by that SUV totally wrecked my organs:  My spleen so badly it was going to kill me if it wasn’t removed, my lungs which were preserved after a few months of rehabilitation, and my bladder which will work normally (God I hope so) after this surgery. I have had a seriously spastic bladder that would empty itself at its’ time of choice. Botox can be injected into the bladder to provide stability and fix this problem, which I have done, twice. Botox is not permanent and this surgery must be repeated every six months. This bladder surgery is supposed to be a permanent fix and will hopefully be my last. One to two feet of my intestines will be detached from my digestive tract and added to my bladder.. I didn’t know that was possible either. Medicine is nuts.. Having a large bladder supposedly trumps the negative effects of a spastic bladder. I’m really hoping it does trump the spastic bladder because I’m sure this one month recovery period will be no fun at all.

I’ve stayed pretty cool so far. I don’t understand the point of worrying about something that will inevitably happen. Although, this is a pretty serious surgery; I had to be admitted two days early for pre-op work and have to stay for what could be up to another week of recovery afterward. I’m so damn hungry, I haven’t eaten in 24 hours and can’t for at least another 24. I’m sure I will have a pretty terrible night’s sleep tonight. If I could find my way into your prayers, I’d appreciate it. Prayer has served me well in the past.

Being back in Chicago, back in a hospital, is nostalgic in the worst kind of way. I was “stuck” four times in the first four hours trying to get an IV started and blood drawn. Got an IV in right now as a matter a fact. No, I’m not at RIC, but I payed Northwestern multiple visits while at RIC and it’s right next door.

Yesterday, while lying in my hospital bed and on my phone, my mom and sister were out shopping and my dad was in the room with me on his laptop. My dad is a very hard working man that keeps to his business, also the most morally stable person I know. “You’ve had about the best disposition on all of this as anybody could. I just wanted you to know that and that I’m proud,” my dad says to me after a long moment of silence. “Thanks a lot dad, I appreciate that,” I respond. It’s not uncommon that I am complimented on my reaction to everything, but it was especially nice to hear it from my dad. I know I’ve held a positive attitude, but I don’t know, it’s just different when you’re actually “that person.” I don’t think I’ve met another paraplegic, or really any person that has been through a tragic accident, with an unsimilar attitude. When you know you shouldn’t be here anymore and you’re just living on borrowed time, it changes you. Like, really changes you. If I had to sum it up in one word it would be appreciative, it makes you a whole hell of a lot more appreciative. I don’t offer advice in my blog because I think I’m smarter than everybody. I just had to change my major in school because it was too hard; I know I’m not that smart. But, from the experiences I have been through as a result of my tragic accident, I firmly believe I have stories and have attained some views to share that could benefit others.

7 thoughts on “This Again

  1. Melvin Heck

    You are Smart, Hunter. I wish I could be half as smart as you. I am praying for you and your surgeon now. during your surgery, and for evermore! Have a very Happy New Year! Lots of love, ~grama grace~


  2. Ken Overholser

    Hunter, I will always be there for prayer, before, now and I hope way into the future. I love spending time with God and having great conversations about friends, family and even those I don’t know who are in need. God will always be there by your side, please know you are covered in tons of prayer!



  3. Julie DeCamp

    Hunter, you’ve got an amazing outlook on your life now as well as what your future will be and I’m sure know that’s half the battle in dealing with a tragedy such as yours, or so I’m told. Prior to your accident I didn’t know you or your family but since that time I’ve been quietly inspired and awed at your perspective. You are an amazing young man and you have so much to teach the world. Keep the faith and lean on others when you need them.
    Over 2 yrs ago my Aunt underwent similar reconstructive bladder surgery, for bladder cancer, in which her intestines were used to made an entirely new bladder. Although the initial recovery and training of the new bladder was trying for her, her bladder eventually got the message and since that time she’s done great! Praying for you, your family and the team of medical professionals caring for you.


  4. cheriehawk

    Hunter, great blog, one of my favorites. I See you are sporting a moustache these days.nice. Mike and I are praying for you. Actually this community is keeping you in our prayers. We are believing in the miraculous success of this operation. Stay strong my friend. We love you! Cherie


  5. Heather

    I, too, faced mortality at a young age. It changes you forever. And it’s a change I believe is drastically positive. You have lots to say…God gave you the voice to share. And I appreciate that you are a man of God and willing to speak to others. You will have far-reaching ability to touch many lives…and this is no accident. I am inspired by your attitude and humbleness. I know you are dealing with so many physical challenges but one thing the medical industry ignores is the mental side. It is growth but it can also be overwhelming. Sometimes I’d wished there was a support group or somewhere to sit and discuss with others who were going through similar things the intense ramifications…nothing untouched. I commend you for your strength but know that this has to be difficult on so many levels. I will be praying for you, for your wisdom, for your journey. And for the greatness that God has in store for you. And most recently…your healing in all areas. God entrusted this job to you for a purpose. Continue to use that voice!! God Bless you Hunter!!



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