Three Weeks Later

Alright… I’m back.
I don’t remember exactly when I made the decision to take a hiatus from my blog, but after hearing my professors talk about final exams quickly approaching, I knew I had to forget about it for awhile and focus. And honestly, I thought most people would like a little break from me runnin’ my mouth. Although, it has been three weeks since I last posted anything and on those days from November 21-December 12, this page has averaged 55.27 views per day, and like, nothing has changed.

Finals for the semester are finally in the past for me, and I’m feeling pretty good about how they went *smiley face*. I started out the semester with two Miami plan classes (gen ed’s) and two mechanical engineering classes:  Thermodynamics (MME 314) and fluid mechanics (MME 313). The engineering classes were way harder than I remembered.. Well that was actually the problem, I didn’t remember. Taking a year off school.. due partially to the traumatic brain injury I sustained.. made jumping right back into 300 level engineering classes quite the challenge.. a challenge I was not prepared for… Having said that, I dropped one of them, packed up, and threw my deuces up at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. After my marketing internship last summer, I was planning on adding marketing to my degree as a minor. However, I knew I needed to start something fresh, I had not a chance in hell to finish 13 more 300 and 400 level engineering classes. It really is a shame, though.. Hypothetically speaking, I should be graduating after next semester, and have really grown close to some of the engineering professors: Dr. Dollar and Dr. Caraballo, mainly. They’re amazing professors and awesome to talk to, whether it regards class or not.. I wouldn’t make it though. Calculus forms the basis of every engineering class and I have passed both calc 1 and 2 with fairly solid grades, but if we’re being honest, I don’t even know what the hell a derivative is anymore, let alone a second derivate or differential equation… I suppose there are worse stages in life than college that could be prolonged… I decided on making marketing my major and maybe finishing the few engineering classes I have left for the mechanical engineering minor. The only problem with switching my major to marketing:  The Farmer School of Business requires a 3.3 college GPA to be directly admitted.. Get real FSB, I’m a real person, I got like a 3.05 and I’m not even upset that it isn’t any higher.. As long as you have a 3.0, finish five specific business classes and stay above 3.0, you’re admitted. Oh, and that is out of shear luck that I am able to be admitted that way. That was the old policy, which my class was grandfathered into because it was changed after my first year.. Gonna have to murder those business classes doe.

I’m easing my way back into this whole blogging thing. I’ll definitely have my next post up within a week, and It’ll be more about real stuff, but I had to make my return post more of a “what’s up” post. I also had a lot of time to rethink everything and remember what I’m trying to do here; make my mess my message.

I started out with a pretty good amount of viewers from my Mom’s Facebook page. This audience was family and family friends, most of whom were middle aged or older. What I was writing about was useful for anyone to read, and I wanted people my own age to read and learn a thing or two from my experiences, as well. I wrote like myself and I exaggerated some things at times, which targeted more people closer to my age and I think it worked to some extent. We did not grow up in the newspaper and magazine era, we grew up in the electronic era with tv’s and computers, and something has to entertain us if we’re going to read it. So that’s what I’ve tried to do. I’m still going to write like myself, but I plan on easing up on the language a little because honestly, I think it’s pretty embarrassing when people  swear over and over for nothing. I don’t think I ever did anything like that, and I’m still going to talk like a 21 year old, and it could actually get a little ridiculous at times if something really pissed me off like that one dude, or I’m really frustrated with all the newfound bullshit in my life, I don’t know, and it almost got ridiculous right then just thinking about that dude again, I’ma just post this already, but yeah..  wanted to make a note.

It’s good to be back 🙂

7 thoughts on “Three Weeks Later

  1. Melvin Heck

    Hunter, you are amazing. Not many people could do what you have been doing, after such a traumatic experience. I give you so much credit for getting to the place where you are. I love you so much. Grama Grace



    Don’t fool yourself Hunter. I’m a middle aged mom and I think what you have to share helps all age groups. Your determination and fight gives us all hope. Please don’t think you only reach your age group. That isn’t a one of us that can’t learn a thing or two from what you have been through.


  3. Jennifer

    And it is good to have you back! I don’t like the classification that I am put in of “middle age” because I don’t feel like I am there….but I am there!! Anyway, everyone can be touched and learn from your posts. Keep writing, stay strong and stay you!


  4. Alex

    Hunter. I don’t know you but saw this link through a buddies facebook. I just wanted to say that I hear where you are coming from talking about school. I am a TBI survivor and restarting school at Emory wasn’t easy (especially only months after waking up, against the odds). It still isn’t easy (premed, physics major, math minor), but I like to think it is just because the classes are hard, not because of me. When ever I beat the average I know that I am still in there even after the TBI. And even more so, when I don’t beat the average, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t the worst thing that has/could have happened. I hate the studying and having to work so hard, but when its 4am and I am in the lib, I just think that even though it sucks, I am lucky to even be able to be here. Here’s to beating the odds! (and the average!)


    1. Dad

      I continue to be amazed by the Example of strength, will, sacrifice goodness and inspiration given to the world through hunter, hayley, gabby, Alex and Kelsey from Jesus Christ almighty. All while bawling and eating a hot head delux chix quesadilla with sweet habinero sauce on the side for dipping – another thing I learned from hunter.


  5. Jill

    I’m 45 and I learn a lot from your blog. I also enjoy your candidness. Thank you for sharing your journey with us old people too. 🙂



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