Pray for Hunter

My mom, Hayley Heck, started a Facebook page dedicated to myself after my accident. The name of the page, “Pray for Hunter,” sums up its purpose. She also used this page to provide any and all updates regarding my condition; surgeries, sickness, infections, progress, and more. I am still alive, so I would call the creation of the page a success. I honestly believe that my mother starting that Facebook page is what saved my life. There were way too many times, too many reasons that I should not be here today. Looking at where I am now, compared to where I was last October is just stupid. It’s absolutely remarkable. It surprises me every time I think about it, what God is capable of doing. Back then things looked so terrible, and it was so hard to look up. Well I didn’t even know who I was last October, but for everybody else. I thank Him every day for the strength he has provided me to make such a speedy recovery. People say that all the time, but I’m actually serious, at some point each and every day. Without Him, none of my progress would have been possible.

Most of you are reading this because at one point you kept up with my mom’s page, and I’m sure all of you have at least heard of it. Right now it has 4,211 likes on Facebook. The page still exists, but she ‘signed off’ with her last post 2 weeks ago. It was a sad day for me. I have this blog to provide updates now, but after a year of hearing about the ‘pray’ page, it’s hard to believe it’s a thing of the past. My mother is a wonderful writer and wrote in a much more appealing fashion than I do. She wrote with such delicacy and was very careful with her words. I’m going to miss her writing, as I’m sure many of you will too. Thank you so much mom. Outside of my friends and people I have met this past year, not many people would know about my story if it weren’t for you. This was her ‘sign off’ post, incase you missed it.

“This past weekend marked the one year Anniversary to Hunters Accident, specifically Sunday, October 6 (which we have decided to celebrate each year as his new “re” birthday). It was a wonderful day we shared with some friends and ended with Hunter, Steve and I staying up late not wanting the day to end. Alex even called him and it felt like the four of us had a little time together which was awesome. Hunter has such a wonderful relationship with his brother it’s hard to explain…they have their own language and they grew up together as close as two brothers could possibly be. Add Kelsey to the mix, as Hunters sister-in-law and it’s made for an extremely special bond between the three of them. It was a wonderfully emotional healing day for us all. Hunter was even showing me old videos of Gabby that he loved that make him laugh and bring him joy. (Now those two have a great ability to either fight hard or love hard, not much in between) 
Hunter is doing so well with his blogs and contemplating pursuing more writing. He has so much life experience, trials and tribulations, ideas and insights that are amazing and have such great potential to help and heal not only him but so many people who need to hear his story. I am so proud of his complete openness and honesty. His raw emotion and clarity in just laying the complete truth out there. So much of what happened to him is not neat and pretty, it’s frankly a mess!!! He is 21 years old, has the knowledge and experience of someone much older with what he has been through, and with his time in hospitals, rehab, recovery, even in his internship he has so much to give. He has learned so much because of what he has been through and he has earned the right to tell a fantastic and horrible story the way he wants to tell it. This incident happened to him, it has incredibly altered his life and at the same time given him an incredible gift. It has given him this story of faith and hope, strength and ultimately success. I am so proud of him and I wait with great anticipation to see what he does and says next.
I feel like this one year Anniversary on some level is coming out of a darkness and into the light, a marvelous light of restoration, hope and new beginnings; almost like a morning dew, fresh and new. There is still much recovery to take place, a major surgery after Christmas among other possible things this next year; but, we know we can get through anything with our Lord and each other. We have learned that this year. We have also learned about the power of prayer and faithful servants who pray when you ask. Pray for Hunter page was established Oct. 10, 2012 for that very reason, to ask for prayer to save our son. The benefit and beauty of the page were your responses to those requests. So much prayer, so many encouraging responses, healing took place and Hunters life was saved!! We cannot thank you enough for that, how does someone thank a person for that? I have always said the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of prayer and I promise you all I will pay it forward. I will continue to pray for those who ask me to and add them to the list I pray for daily already.
Today is Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 and this will be my last post on this page. I do have a Facebook page in my name if any of you want to friend request me, Hayley Heck. This page served a huge purpose and I thank all of you for following, commenting and mostly praying. I would love it if you would do two things for me: 1) Continue to keep our family, especially Hunter in your prayers daily and 2) Follow his blog and his future writings to support him in his endeavors. You get to his blog by putting in your web browser and it should come up Life After Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Hunter wanted me to remind you when I told him I was going to do this that he writes differently than I do and that he is 21. Different style, different language at times…frankly there are many days I prefer his way!!! I am super proud of him either way and hope you will follow. I have been in this with him every step of the way since the beginning and still learn new things from what he posts in his blogs. This happened to him, this is his life…it is his story, no one else’s. He astounds me. God saved my boy, you all saved my boy, the professionals saved my boy… Now he is “Making his mess his message!”
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I love you
Hayley Heck”

1 thought on “Pray for Hunter

  1. Betty Jane Smith

    Dear Hunter,
    Your methods of communication are like your Mom said “raw”, but I completely understand. It’s not always easy to say things nicely. I could “feel” your agony. May God bless you as you continue to struggle with life’s challenges.



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