Kings Island

There were a few experiences that are now past experiences I wanted to write about. This is one of those experiences. I believe it was back in May because my cousin Nick was out of college, but high school was still in session. We decided to make a trip down to Kings Island because for one I hadn’t  gone on any eventful trips since being home and I wanted to go do something fun, and for two we thought Kings Island would be badasss because we would be able to jump all of the lines since I was in a chair.

My mom was all worried because she thought riding roller-coasters would be too hard on my back at the time. Being a mom. However, she actually got me worried about it, too. The last thing I wanted to do was take a step backward in my recovery process. She ended up calling the surgeon who did my back surgery and he said Kings Island was going to be fine and I should go enjoy myself. That made my mom feel better, but I was still a little worried. I was determined to get back to my old self and move on from the mess I had been in. “Eh I’ll be fine,” is what I eventually told myself. We ended up making the trek to Mason to go to King’s Island the next morning. We got there and figured out how the whole skipping the lines thing worked. I was to show the ride staff this piece of paper and they would clear the way to the front of the line. It got me feeling pretty big. The only thing was that high school was still in session, and so the park was pretty empty. Skipping the line might have helped on some rides, but we would have walked right onto at least half of them anyways.

The first ride I wanted to ride was Diamondback. King Island’s biggest and fastest roller-coaster. It had been my favorite ride ever since it opened back in 2009. So we approach Diamondback and of course jump the line. The staff worker asked us where we wanted to seat. “We sit wherever we want? We definitely want the front then,” I said. Getting into all of the rides was basically impossible for me alone; there’s a gap between the platform and the coaster seat, as well as a big height drop. Nick would squat down in front of my chair and I would latch onto his back then he would then sit me down in the seat for me.  We got loaded up and I was so excited. The car cranks up to the top and we start tilting over into the first drop. It was a blast, but then it starts making all of these sudden turns and ups and down. This roller-coaster only had a lap bar to keep you in, and my idiot self never thought of how terrible that would be for me. I can’t feel my lap, therefore it felt to me like nothing was keeping me in the car. “OH FUCK!” I started yelling, and bracing myself on anything that I could grab. I held on so tightly to the seat that I was in; not that it would have helped anything, all of the G force was much stronger than the grip from my hands. Of course Diamond back is one of the longest rides there. I was totally convinced I was going to fly out of the car and die, right then. “Well, this is it. I lived through some pretty heavy stuff, but it ends here,” I kept thinking to myself.

The car comes to a stop, and I’m still alive. Somehow. Nick is laughing because of everything I was yelling and my facial expressions through it all. “Dude, it isn’t funny, I’m terrified, I thought I was a goner for sure,” I said. This was the scariest experience of my life I’m pretty sure. From then on we only rode rides with over the shoulder ‘strap ins’. We only rode like three more rides and then I was done. I was in no mood to keep riding roller-coasters. I had boughten a two day pass from Kroger before coming. I just let the second pass go to waste: “fuck Kings Island.”

3 thoughts on “Kings Island

  1. sandy williams

    I can’t even imagine…I feel that way and I can feel the lap belt! Hunter, I had polio when I was 4 and I often think of what my life would have been like if I had not escaped paralysis. You are brave and daring and smart. You will always value life since you came so close to losing it. In that same vein you will enjoy life and all it has to offer. Kings Island was the first of many adventures you will learn from and make adaptations that work. Your strength, stamina, and skills will continue to improve. You might want to start buying hair dye for your mom. I am sure you will give her premature gray hair from worrying…but that is just what mother’s do. Then there are the Nicks…We need those adventurous pals, too.



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